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전기관련단체협의회, 제30차 회의

작성자 관리자 작성일 2022.02.18 16:05 조회수 2002

제목 : Arc Voltage and Current Characteristics in Low-Voltage Direct Current


저자 : Wooho Kim, Yong-Jung Kim, Hyosung Kim




Recently, Low-Voltage DC (direct current) distribution systems have received high lights according to the expansion of DC generations and DC loads such as photovoltaics (PV) generations, electric vehicles (EVs), light emitting diodes (LEDs), computers, DC homes, etc. Low-Voltage DC distribution systems have optimistic perspectives since DC has various good aspects compared to alternating current (AC). However, ensuring safety of human and electric facility in Low-Voltage DC is not easy because of arc generation and difficulty of arc-extinguishing. This paper constructs a low-voltage DC circuit and studies the arc interruption that occurs when separating electrodes from where load currents flow. Also, arc extinguishers are experimented upon and analysed in various levels of source voltage and load currents conditions. Voltage and current characteristics for arc interruption are identified based on experimental results, and we establish the electric generation for arc interruption. Further, the voltagecurrent characteristics and the correlation of arc during arc duration time arc are verified, and the voltagecurrent equation and DC arc resistance model for the breaking arc are developed.


Energies2018, 11(10), 2511(SCIE)